Approaching Aleph by Harshad Wadhwani
Approaching Aleph by Harshad Wadhwani


TitleApproaching Aleph

StudentHarshad Wadhwani

Type:Critical Design, UN Sustainable Development, Multimedia


The "Approaching Aleph" project is an attempt to create a provocative approach within the participatory design framework. Through the new methodology, public is made aware about the issues surrounding sustainability in fashion industry. Keeping microplastic, a ubiquitous pollutant found in the ocean and an array of everyday use products, at the centre of dialogue, this study attempts to create a new framework that helps the future designers engage the public in discussion through the use of provocative approach and design for greater impact. Using the proposed framework multiple design projects were realised and an awareness campaign was launched through Instagram and Facebook using provocative visuals, including film, graphics and AR filters to inform the audience about the subject of microplastic and its relation to fashion industry, as well as to promote sustainability. The key demographic for the campaign was millennials (22-40 year old).
You can check out the Instagram campaign and AR filters at -