Lette Moloney talks about her student experience at UL. She completed her Masters during the academic year 2009/2010 and is now running a successful Media and Design company, Moloney Photo.

Martin Crowley shares his experience of being one of our Master students. Martin had a technical background and was gretly enriched by learning design methodologies and being exposed to user and human centered design thinking. In his final project he remained in the area of music production but he added a design and physical element to it, see his final project here

Conor Souness talks about his work in the Master programme. Coming from a strang technical background, he explains how the master programme offered a series of key skills that complemented his background and opened up interesting new venues for his carrier. He stresses the hands-on nature of the modules we offer and highlights how important was to apply the new skills in group projects as well as his final dissertation.

Yuki Jiang talks about her experience as Master student in 2012. In her final project, she developed a mobile interactive guide for the University of Limerick allowing users to select specific thematic trails. Here below, Yuki is presenting her experience in chinese.

Suzanna Melinn talks about her student experience in the MSc/MA of Interactive Media (now called Interaction and Experience Design). She came from fashion design and she completed her Master during the academic year 2013/2014. Her final project on wearable comuting was exhibited at the Limerick Lace Exhibition.

Three Masters students studying Interactive Media discussed their module project. In this case, the group project involved developing a game of Pong in Processing to control the generation of sound in Max/MSP and Logic. After weeks of challenging yet rewarding work, students Rianne Links, Laurie Skelton and Dominic Perera presented their project in the postgraduate studio at the University of Limerick. Well done to you all! (Thanks to LAura Maye for editing the video).