Archie by Steve Murphy



StudentSteve Murphy

Type:UN SUstainable Development, IoT, Physical Computing


Archie is an exploration of physical and tangible interaction in the teaching of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in the primary school education system. It is aimed at both incidental and discreet STEM lessons in the classroom. The intended user is the primary school teacher and students aged between 8 and 13. The system uses integrated technology to deliver a teaching aid which is technology enhanced. The use of the system increases student engagement and participation in STEM lessons and helps to develop both cognitive and psychomotor skills. It is customisable and re-configurable allowing for exploratory play as well as teacher led STEM lessons. The system uses Arduino powered technology to measure and present data t the user related to the core concepts behind the Basic Machines. This topic is covered in the primary education Science curriculum and encompasses Levers, Pulleys, Inclined Planes, Wheels and Axles (Gears) Screws and the Wedge. The project used a User Centred Design approach and involved both a thorough literature review as well as several empirical research methods such as interviews, focus groups and surveys. At the end of the research phase, a design generation and prototype development phase were conducted with input from a sample of the user demographic in a co-design/participatory design effort. The outcome of which was the prototype shown in the images. This prototype was subsequently tested and proved to be successful in achieving its intended design requirements.