AR-ound U


TitleAR-ound U

StudentMayukh Sengupta

Type:App, Multimedia


With the belief that stories are all around us just waiting to be told, this project is an initiative that looks to provide non-living entities a voice of their own, through its users. ARoundU, an Android application, attempts to combine social media and the growing power of Augmented Reality (AR) to create and experience oral storytelling around our physical environments. Built primarily on the idea of exploring our surroundings and discovering audio stories in them, this application implements AR and its possibilities in immersive storytelling. Each of these stories, defined as moments contain experiences about specific objects and locations created by the user for other users. Be it an international student visiting a country that has a culture totally different from its own or a person who just likes telling stories, the application tries to achieve a level of personalization for each and every one of its users.
As of now it is a single user application that is a proof-of-concept that allows the user to create moments through audio and put it out into the environment. However, efforts have been made in order to provide them with an all-round experience by being able to interact with stories created by other artificially created users.
Depending on the user the application could cater to various purposes. From being yet another casual social media application, to help the growth of advertising, help parents keep their kids involved or help people who have a difficulty to remember things keep things in track and so on.