Sensory Tunnel by Nileet Jacob Philip


TitleAUGMENTED - Application of Augmented Reality for aiding in breadboarding of Arduino circuits.

StudentArun Rajeev

Type:UN SUstainable Development, Augmented reality, Physical Computing, Apps


AUGMENTED is an attempt to explore the use of Augmented Reality to support and aid in breadboarding of Arduino circuits in the context of online or remote classes in higher education institutions. The project would be based on exploring the use of Augmented Reality to aid in teaching breadboarding in the Arduino platform in an online setting in conjunction with existing methods of teaching. The thesis has attempted to explore and research the various aspects of implementing Augmented Reality to aid in teaching a subject that involves a certain degree of spatial ability. In the context of the Arduino platform, this refers to the physical manipulation of various electrical components such as resistors, transistors, and other such parts necessary to develop and implement a working Arduino project. The project has been developed as a mobile application that can be used along with existing Academic material to support breadboarding Arduino circuits. The project follows a user-centred approach to design and explores the effectiveness of incorporating Augmented Reality based applications to aid in understanding breadboarding Arduino circuits. It is an attempt at exploring the spatial aspects of breadboarding using an interactive Augmented Reality application.