Care Commute by Sreejith Thazhatheveedu Prabhakaran


TitleCare Commute

StudentCare Commute by Sreejith Thazhatheveedu Prabhakaran

Type:App, UN sustainable Development, Wearable computing


Care Commute is an Android application built primarily on an attempt for exploring the possibilities of safe navigation during COVID 19 pandemic. This Application provides the main functionality of COVID Rating, which enables users to search and rate places based on their social distancing experience. And a feature of social distancing alert system through a wearable device and also in mobile phones. Through a user-centric design process, with background research involving interviews, focus groups and workshops, the explorative space of social distancing and safe navigation was explored. The key demographic this application focuses are outdoorsy people in the age group (24-40). These design solution combined with the active participation of people can support in safely performing outdoor activities until a full vaccine for COVID is on our hands.