TitleCharge! A digitally mediated physical game

StudentHillary O'Shaughnessy

Type:Physical Computing, Game


Charge! Is a digitally mediated physical game for four players to be played anywhere.
Charge asks players to use their own movement to both play and enable gameplay. A contribution to the growing international street game movement, Charge puts the control of the game back in the hands of the players. Using wireless modems, microcontrollers and sensors, Charge measures players movements to signal permissions and states of play within the game.
The methodology behind Charge! came from exercises and training methods from physical theatre practices. It's is part of the concept of 'abusive game design' which forefronts player experience and relationships over technological sophistication. Charge is not an exhibit to be looked at, it's a game to be played! Please feel free to unleash your inner five year old and enjoy the game!
This research documents the creation of methodology based on theatre training methods.The motivation for this project is a frustration with the lack of design methodologies that forefront kinaesthetic movement interaction or allow for rapid physical sketching. The goal is to show how the world of theatre training methods is a rich resource with a wealth of transferable methods, and that actors are skilled improvisers who can aid the process of designing for physical experiences where users intentions are unclear. The work includes a recognition of the contribution of the concept of abusive game design and the burgeoning international street game scene's innovative use of technology in interaction design.