Love to Draw Live by Ken Coleman


TitleLove to Draw Live

StudentKen Coleman

Type:Installation, Multimedia, App, Music


The concept of this prototype development was the creation of an art synthesizer. The system has been developed by combining 2 iPads and a combination of touch screen desktop controls along with easy to use shortcuts in order to create a system for creating projected live drawings to accompany a live musical performance. This idea incorporates a combinations of modern applications technology and software. The idea was developed through experimentation with a combination of digital artistic tools and experimenting with wireless midi applications developed for the iPad.
The aim was to take the concept of a drawing tablet and combine its principle with the control of midi apps such as Touch OSC or any similar control system for music production or DJ-ing and adapt them to create a wireless drawing tool for use with any art application. The application chosen for this project was Alchemy, an open source drawing program. The combination of both iPads allows the user to create random shapes or any combination of the programs drawing styles and effects easily. These images are then projected to accompany a musical performance and become a pivotal apart of the performance. This idea is inspired by giving a new role to this form of digital art and creates visuals to accompany music rather than having any type of pre-recorded graphics or imagery.