Drivar by Allen Wixted



StudentAllen Wixted

Type:App, Multimedia, Augmented Reality


Drivar (Drive Augmented Reality) is an android application developed to improve driver safety through a number of innovative methodologies. The app is designed to be held in a special mount which allows drivers to see a reflection of their phone as a Heads Up Display (HUD), similar to those seen in high end luxury vehicles and military aircraft. Displayed on their windshield is a unique speedometer that shows their current speed in relation to the speed limit and recommended speed limit; something which traditional speedometers cannot do. Speed limits are obtained through an API from Here maps and recommended speeds are calculated depending on situational data such as weather and time of day to adjust for road conditions.
Drivar is created with the objective of harnessing adaptive assistance. This means that 80-90% of the time the display is off and only introduces assistance when the driver needs it. This could happen when approaching or going past the area’s speed limit or realising that night time and poor weather driving make a driver’s mental workload more difficult to manage. By stabilising this mental workload with adaptive assistance a safer driving experience can be achieved by users.