Enlaced by Suzanna Melinn


TitleEnlaced, an Interactive Perspective on the History of Limerick Lace

StudentSuzanna Melinn

Type:Wearable, Installation, Art


‘Enlaced’ is an interactive installation that offers a re-interpretation of Limerick Lace and seeks to enhance the visitor experience while encouraging participation and learning. Drawing on the rich historical narrative of Limerick Lace, this work seeks to encourage interactivity with tangible items relevant to traditional and modern crafting endeavors. Each item possesses a narrative, which on interaction with, chronicles Limerick Lace- from its past to its present through the medium of sound.
This project serves as an investigation into how technology can influence and redefine the crafting practice and how can this change be translated into a museum environment. The re-interpretation of limerick Lace alludes to the contemporary approach taken to present a traditional craft form by exploiting new digital media. Within this project I employ several objectives namely, Laser cutting, How-To Videos, New technologies and Developing an understanding of crafters. With these in mind I seek to challenge the traditional exhibition paradigm in which the exhibition experience is primarily didactic and one-dimensional. Moreover, with the help of digital tools I try to establish an enriching encounter, one in which the user plays an active part in and are not simply passive recipients of information. I focus on how I can contribute to the field of user interaction by exploring the boundaries between digital and physical craftwork and how I can bridge the gap between watching and doing.
This work examines how technology can alter the crafting practice. New technologies available for fabrication, introduce a different velocity in terms of manufacture and this in turn changes the experience of ‘making’. This work offers a bridge between the seemingly impersonal digital media and the more tactile elements of the exhibition.