E-Seál by Emma McGrath



StudentEmma McGrath

Type:Wearable, Critical Design


E-Seál is wearable technology designed to give the female body a voice. E-Seál creatively explores applications of biometric data. Sensors embedded in the garment capture heart rate and sweat gland activity creating kinetic and aesthetic reactions in the design. The research motivations for the E-Seál came from the current socio-political issues around women's autonomy in Ireland. Taking inspiration from the widely popular Repeal jumpers, E-Seál creates a visual form of nonverbal communication by externalising emotions, bringing the user's attention back to their own body. The development of E-Seál is informed by research from Critical Making, Feminist HCI, and Adversarial Design. E-Seál has been constructed through the process of thinking through making, using prototyping as a means for exploration of research. E-Seál seeks to act as a site for reflection on scientific and medical information by rethinking the relationship between clothing and self-expression.