experienceART by Ruta Gulbe Svane
experienceART by Ruta Gulbe Svane



StudentRuta Gulbe Svane

Type:Art, installation, multimedia


The project is called ‘experience ART’ to emphasise the interactive and sensory aspects of the experience. This project explores the theory and practice behind the use of interactive technology and the application of experience design practice in designing a visitor-focused, memorable and meaningful art-themed experience. The motivation for the project comes from my interest in art, specifically, the aspects of how people experience art, how art is perceived and understood and what emotions, if any, are trigger in people through an art experience. The project is driven by the desire to design more inclusive and alternative ways for people to experience art. The experience starts with a sensory exploration of the broader themes of painting such as pigments, colours, composition and the process of making art, further introducing the Impressionist movement and why their story matters to people nowadays.