Fridge U by Ruochen Lin


TitleFridge U

StudentRuochen Lin

Type:Critical Design, Physical Computing, Internet of Things


The kitchen and the fridge continue to play a central role in everyday life for all. However the contents of the fridge continue to this day to present every day users with the problem of accidentally allowing food to go off. There is no simple and efficient solution in place to resolve this problem. This project focuses on this issue utilising critical thinking and focuses on defining the issues surrounding food wastage in the home.
Imagine having to constantly answer a fridge that tirelessly asks you to check the expiry date on the foods within. If there is something gone off, the fridge will become irritated and temporarily refuse to open the door, as a punishment to its users. The fridge also affords a scope of behaviour to provide rewards so as to encourage users who do not the allow food to go off.