GoSolo by Vijani Bulumulla



StudentVijani Bulumulla

Type:UN Sustainable development, Wearable computing, Internet of Things


GoSolo is a motivational device for female solo travellers. Female solo travel is a self-exploring journey where many find difficulties during the journey being demotivated to go forward. A motivational push from a loved one is considered the best remedy for this situation. GoSolo is a wearable device utilizing vibrotactile technology to communicate a message to the wearer. It has a two-part system, the wearable device and a mobile application. The mobile application allows the sender to know the situation of the wearer and send an appropriate motivation to the wearable device. The idea is, therefore, is to give the wearer a tactile feeling of comfort and a real connection to a loved one while journeying. The project aims to explore a user-centric design solution to an emotional aspect of travelling solo, specific to female solo travellers.