Hybrid Allusions by Lorraine Cleary


TitleHybrid Allusions

StudentLorraine Cleary

Type:Installation, Art, Physical computing


Hybrid Allusions is a project that aims to re-interpret the everyday using found materials combined with interactive technology in an artistic way. This project aims to dispel the notion of what people assume to be interactive art, involving traditional screens and a pre-supposed virtuality. This project was motivated by the changing structure of the everyday environment and contemplated on how the body navigated this environment. In considering the physical environment, this project strives to achieve a balance between art and interaction, between personal space and collective space, and between the cyber-world and the physical world. The concept for this project developed upon a theoretical framework that explored themes of space and place by addressing the phenomenological importance of space in relation to the body’s navigation of it and the actions performed within it.
This project considered the theme of embodiment and takes inspiration from the everyday mundane environment investigating how meaning emerges through engagement in everyday activities, by exploring interactions between people and technology. The methods selected for this project support a phenomenological approach to the design research process and incorporate online technology as part of this process. The objective of this project is to expand beyond the typical screen interface by using interactive technologies as a tool to explore the relationship between the body and the mundane everyday environment, culminating in the creation of a hybrid space.