StudentYing Gao

Type:Physical Computing, Music, Multimedia


"iGudo" is an automatic multimedia teaching system for Chinese zither(Guzheng. The word "Gudo" combine from the Japanese and Chinese. "Gu" is the Chinese phonetic of "Guzheng",means ancient musical instrument. "Do" means the way of doing things, the Chinese phonetic is "dao". Like taekwondo and Bushido, playing Guzheng also has its unique way. Through interactive media to spread this ancient instrument playing is the deeper meaning of "iGudo". This paper explores a way combine new media with ancient china musical instrument “Guzheng”(the chinese zither). This process includes the study of wearable devices, music teaching theory, multimedia design. User-center design method has been use in the design and installation process. Install "iGudo" can help user study play Guzheng more convenient.