TitleMarrked: A Platform for Creating Collaborative Artwork

StudentLaurie Skelton

Type:App, Multimedia, Art


Come draw with us! Marrked is a collaborative drawing application based on the common pen and paper game, The Exquisite Corpse. Instead of drawing on a folded piece of paper, however, a user can choose a body part to draw in his or her web browser, and then submit his or her artwork to an online database. Once the image has been submitted, the user’s drawing will be paired with random body parts drawn by other artists —creating a unique “corpse” every time. With Marrked, digital artists from around the world can come together to engage in a playful, collaborative drawing experience—all while creating interesting, visual experiments. The pleasure derived from the site lies in the ideas generated (not the skill level of the artist) and the overall social experience of collective drawing. So, come add to the fun and don’t be shy!