The mind's lamp by Thanuchaphond Aiemsaard


TitleThe mind's lamp: Monitoring and managing stress in daily life

StudentThanuchaphond Aiemsaard

Type:UN SUstainable Development, IoT, Physical Computing


The mind's lamp augments the work environment that allows users to be aware of stress while working, based on the concept of "seeing your mind through your eyes with the mind's lamp." The system includes a relaxing approach to assist users in dealing with stress or anxiety, such as playing relaxing music, engaging in a short mindfulness exercise, or calling friends and family using a conversational agent device (Alexa). Furthermore, the mind's lamp can alert users when under pressure for an extended time during work hours, advising them to take a break, deep breathe, and stretch their body to relieve the stress. According to the project's ultimate goal, this study aims to prevent and reduce the potential risk of stress-related health conditions and provide opportunities for improved mental well-being in healthy adulthood. The mind's lamp enables people to be aware of their everyday stress from work duties and suggests healthy behaviour to alleviate stress and improve stress resilience. The mind's lamp was created to assist adults monitor and manage stress in their daily lives by incorporating the user-centric design approach, HCI theory, and a range of advanced technical concepts such as preventative health technology and the internet of things. The mind's lamp was made up of three mandatory components: a non-invasive physiological stress measurement using a heart rate sensor, an ambient light to indicate varying degrees of stress or calm mind, and a home assistant to help individuals manage their stress using various techniques based on the individual's preference. The mind's lamp can be a useful everyday tool that allows users to view their minds through their eyes and treat themselves more efficiently for greater wellness.