MUVE by Cormac Reidy



StudentCormac Reidy



‘MUVE’ is a non profit smart phone car lift sharing application prototype designed for Android platforms. The aim of the mobile application prototype is to provide rural community users with the capability for lift sharing to enhance mobility, personal contact and intercommunication within the rural community area. In addition this has additional benefits to provide a mechanism to address issues that rural communities face, such as relative isolation, lack of public transport, poor infrastructure, ageing demographics, cost of transport and need for association and interaction. Currently there are already various mobile applications that to some extent provide this service, however these existing applications are reliant on highly populated areas, such as cities for their commercial viability, and do not facilitate or suit rural area needs in an holistic way. The application ‘MUVE’ attempts to address transportation issues by providing a real-time interactive system which connects a person in the rural community who wants to go somewhere with those with transport within the community who are either going to the destination or willing to provide a lift to that person. This is facilitated through a community credit payment system that only operates in that particular rural community area.