Protect by Adrian Dore


TitleProtect: Concussion in Amateur Sports

StudentAdrian Dore

Type:App, Wearable, Physical, Internet of Things


Protech is a concussion-monitoring device for amateur sports. In amateur sports, and particularly at under age level, there is often no qualified medic on site to assess or treat any player who is at risk of or suffering from a concussion. The individuals who are responsible for player welfare at these types of games are often completely untrained to spot or treat a player who is at risk of such injuries.
Protech is a 2-part system, a wearable device attached to the player and an app. The device sends live data as g-force readings of collisions between players to an app, which the referee has on his smart watch and smart phone. The app has two main functions. Firstly to notify the referee of a collision and to display this data graphically on the watch, if the collision is big enough to cause concern the referee can consult the phone app, which will advise them on what protocol to follow. The app features other useful tools and guides to improve usability and overall try and a=make amateur sports safer without interfering in the game