Right Here, Right Now by Stuart Murphy


TitleRight Here, Right Now

StudentStuart Murphy



‘Right Here Right Now’ is a smart phone application designed for Android platforms. The primary goal of the app is to collect geo locative social media content from near by Places Of Interest (POIs) in order to provide users with an understanding of the current atmosphere somewhere. At present there is an abundance of mobile applications that offer smart phone users detailed information, regarding venues and events, based on the recent attendee reviews and ratings. However, noticeably there seems to be a gap with regards to the focus on temporal information. The ambience of a location frequently changes meaning attendee contributions to existing applications can become quickly outdated and fail to convey real time attributes (i.e. Is a place busy? Who is there? Would I be interested in being there right now?)
‘Right Here Right Now’ attempts to address this problem by capitalizing on the readily available information that exists on social media. It has become very common for those who attend POIs to post content on social media that conveys their current activity i.e. posting images, check ins and statuses. In doing so, their content can give a snippet of real time information related to a POI. Collectively this content can be harnessed to give another purpose: a dynamic general narrative. ‘Right Here Right Now’ provides a quick insight as to what is happening somewhere right now, allowing the user the opportunity to assess POI attributes that regularly change.