Customisable scenography toolkit by Gearóid Mullins


TitleCustomisable scenography toolkit for live performance

StudentGearóid Mullins

Type:System Design, Installation, Music


This thesis explores applying scenography to small-scaled music events, such as pub or nightclub settings. Through this research, I suggest some of the most suitable materials that are lightweight, cost effective, portable and yet robust, for such a system. This project also aims in keeping transport and assembly of this scenography, its top design priority and should be suitable for any type of gigging venue size. There are multiple types of materials used in setting up this system and the combination of these materials is referred to as the ‘toolkit’ items. In essence, these are the tools that are used for constructing this scenography for live performances.
Through carrying out multiple tests of the system, different kinds of potential features were explored, keeping the most popular features at the forefront of the iterative design stages. The evaluation of these different design stages is used to propose a hypothesis for future development.