University of Limerick Campus Trails by Xue Jiang


TitleUniversity of Limerick Campus Trails

StudentXue Jiang

Type:App, Multimedia


This project University of Limerick Campus Trails consists of two trails: Campus Art Trail and Flora and Fauna Trail. The aim of this project is to build a mobile guide application to guide users on campus; to investigate the information required by students, staff and visitors; and to explore the technologies involved in the project. This project concerns the design and development of the mobile guide based on the Android system for visitors to explore a self-guided walking trail and art trail in university. The interface is clean and easy to use, designed with two colours: Orange for the Art Trail, Green for the Flora and Fauna Trail, very easy for users to recognise. The detailed map shows users all the points of interests(POIs) on campus, Users can share it to most of the social networks, rate it on Facebook Page and interact with other users. Hope you will like it!