Virtual UL by Christopher Tuohy


TitleVirt-UL Enhanced Immersive Gaming

StudentChristopher Tuohy

Type:Game, Virtual Reality


The purpose of this thesis is to explore some of the different ways in which we interact with the Virtual Reality (VR) world. The study seeks to answer the research question: Can applying the use of olfactory senses further the immersive experience of the VR world? The goal is to analyze the demographics of immersive gaming and determine whether the application of olfactory sensations can create an enhanced immersive experience. The game is set in the University of Limerick campus and is used as a tour guide to explore the buildings on campus. A device is attached to the gamer that releases smells when the gamer walks outside or near the cafeteria in the Computer Science building. This gives a more immersive feeling to the virtual world and helps aid the experience for the gamer.