WE.MO by Gavin Duffy



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Type:Wearable, Critical Design, Internet of Things


The WE+MO aims to explore and create a new mode of interaction with our wearable exercise technologies that can leverage the power of our social and product networks. By allowing people encourage and motivate each other through the medium of the physical wearable device using haptic, aural and visual feedback, the WE+MO aims to give the athlete that extra inspiration in their exercise endeavours. The WE+MO wearable exercise companion aims to uncover design possibilities that stem from our human behaviour and will propose a further layer of engagement between people and technology.
WE+MO calls into question the emerging relationships between people and companion technologies, such as exercise wearables, and explores how social and behavioural models of interaction can be leveraged in their design to create new modes of use. As technologies become intertwined ever more into our daily lives, the challenge of offering new and stimulating interactions with them will be a key design opportunity of the coming era. This is especially pertinent when it comes to the new wearable technologies which will take on more importance and prominence within our society. The WE+MO further hopes to test assumptions into the behaviour of our products and what role this could play in instigating a reaction from users in the case of exercise participation and maintenance. By reacting to the social [human] and product [object] networks in which it lives, the WE+MO will explore how a product can connect, challenge, engage and nudge users to exercise.